Welcome to the socials page! Below you can find a list of all the socials that would normally run in a COVID-19 free academic year as well as our current plans for the upcoming semester. Wind band offers a fantastic platform to meet amazing people and we hope it will continue to do so! Find all the details on our Facebook page, EUWB Socials.

Any questions on socials can be directed to our social secretaries at

Semester 1 (Academic year 2021/22):

  • 15/09/2021: Fresher’s Online rehearsal followed by a trip to the pub (The Chanter)
  • 17/09/2021: Picnic on the Meadows
  • Beach Trip
  • Flat crawls & flat parties
  • Weekend Away
  • Sectional Meals
  • Christmas Meal

In terms of safety measures, we will have a track and trace system where everyone must sign up to events in advance and have a negative covid test 24 hours or less before the social.

Our normal Social plan for Semester 1:


  • Fresher’s rehearsal  in Reid Concert Hall with after-drinks in New Amphion, Teviot
  • Welcome Week BBQ
  • North Berwick beach trip
  • Safari Meals
  • Stags and Hens


  • Sectional Quiz
  • Family Building
  • Weekend Away


  • Spooky Social
  •  Winter Concert and Afterparty


  • Christmas Dinner